We offer quality Kenchii Pro brand shears and other products for sale to our customers at dog shows and by phone.  This includes both Kenchii Professional Grooming Shears and Accessories and Kenchii Hair Styling Shears.  We offer these products at the same price as you can get them online from Kenchii.  However, we pay for the shipping anywhere in the U.S. and any applicable sales taxes so you save by buying over the phone from us.  Its just like you'd bought them while visiting our booth at a dog show. 

So, explore the Kenchii Pro products at the Kenchii website links above, then  STOP  and call us at (575) 921-9377 and we'll save you some cash on shipping and tax.  We're proud to bring you of some of the finest styling and grooming tools on the market today. 

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